WHO? All Bell Students

WHAT? This is the largest student fundraiser for Bell

WHERE? Bell School

WHEN? October 12, 2017

WHY? To raise money for enrichment programs at Bell!


The Bell Walk has been traditionally the largest student fundraiser for Bell School. All students and staff participate in an all day walk-a-thon on Bell property to help Friends of Bell raise money for our school. The money goes to programs above what CPS provides such as art supplies, technical equipment, athletic support, grade level residency programs like Poetry and Civics, among many other areas. The efforts from events like this are what keep Bell offering the quality education that we have come to expect.

Please use a pledge sheet for your child to track pledges they may receive from family and friends for their participation in this event. All students will receive a Bell Walk t-shirt the day of the event to wear while walking. The t-shirt will be used to track the student’s progress around the school and will be a great keepsake from the event as well as a thank you for their effort!

What can parents do to help out? Help your child communicate to family members, neighbors and friends what they will be doing to raise money for Bell. Help them record and collect their pledges. Donations can be made by cash, by check payable to Friends of Bell or online through the Bell Walk link on the school website (www.agbellschool.com).  All donations should be recorded and any checks or cash put in an envelope with the pledge sheet and returned to the school the day of the event.

Parents can also help by volunteering the day of the event to help chaperone our students. This can be done in small shifts while your own child is walking so you can help cheer them on or for the entire event if you want! Watch for a Volunteer Spot button for sign up which will be available through a link on the Bell website and the Bell Blink as we get closer to the event.  Any questions about donations or volunteering please email bellschool.bellwalk@gmail.com.

Fundraising incentives for students are as follows:

Participation - $99             Bell Walk T-Shirt

$100-$199                        Turbo Mini Fan with Flashlight (plus level 1 prize)        

$200-$299                        Beach Pong Paddle Set (plus level 1 & 2 prizes)

$300-$399                        Beach Towel  (plus level 1, 2 & 3 prizes)

$400-499                          Tote  (plus level 1, 2, 3 & 4 prizes)

$500+                               A pizza party for your child and a friend on a date TBD  (plus level 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 prizes)